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Our Teaching and Performing Professionals

The University of New Mexico Department of Music is the only music program in the state to have dedicated performance faculty-artists to teach every instrument or voice.

The Department of Music at the University of New Mexico strives to give each student a quality, first-rate musical education. Central to this mission is the Department of Music’s outstanding faculty and staff who are nationally and internationally regarded as leaders in their disciplines. In addition, as the state’s Research Institution, the Department of Music has specialized academic faculty in the areas of Music Theory, Composition, and Musicology. The world-class instruction provided by our highly trained faculty to our students is one of the great strengths of the Department of Music.

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Music Emeritus Faculty


  • Steven Block
  • Keith Lemmons
  • Bruce Dalby
  • Darrel R. Randall
  • Michael Chapdelaine
  • Christopher L. Shultis
  • John Clark
  • William M. Seymour
  • George Robert
  • Leonard Felberg
  • Susan B. Patrick
  • Thomas A. Dodson
  • Harold W. Van Winkle
  • Arthur S. Wilkinson
  • William Wood
  • Joanna Dekeyser
  • M Tyler
  • Ellen C. McCullough-Brabson
Music Department—Administration & Staff


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