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The University of New Mexico Department of Music aims to provide the highest quality musical education, in order to make a substantial contribution to the cultural life of its region and the world by reinforcing the integral value of music in society.

We strive to give each student a first-rate musical education under the guidance of our dynamic artist faculty, and a well-balanced program among the disciplines of performance, music education, theory and composition, jazz studies, string pedagogy, conducting and musicology.

Accredited Degrees

Our programs strive to develop the complete musician, one who is not solely interested in his or her primary instrument, but one who engages the world around them with and through their music
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Concentration Areas

Our wide range of concentrations creates a diverse and exciting educational environment, one that allows students to explore their creative potential
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Community Outreach

The Department of Music at the University of New Mexico is highly engaged with the Albuquerque Arts community. This engagement goes far beyond the hundreds of concerts and musical events it hosts annually
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Auditions & Scholarships

The University of New Mexico Department of Music has many generous scholarship and assistantship opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students interested in a music education at UNM.

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Performances & Events

Our students and faculty regularly perform music in the Center for the Arts’ Keller Hall

*Due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 there are no scheduled events at this time

You Can’t Tell It Like I Can: Black Women, Music, and the Struggle for Social Justice in America

You Can’t Tell It Like I Can: Black Women, Music, and the Struggle for Social Justice in America

This lecture/performance explores how black women have used music as a method of shaping the public rhetoric and sentiment surrounding the black civil rights struggle in America. Through a historical framework that moves through the height of the abolitionist movement, the Popular front during the 1930s and 1940s, the frontlines of the direct action campaigns of the 1960s, and the proliferation of the Black Power movement in the 1970s.

An Americanish Songbook: Linda Ronstadt’s “other” Country

An Americanish Songbook: Linda Ronstadt’s “other” Country

This talk will consider performances and recordings by singer Linda Ronstadt to propose what I refer to as her Americanish musical songbook. The suffix “ish” here intends to accentuate the “somewhat” or “to some extent” of “American” that Ronstadt—Tucson born and raised—lived and sonically imagined through her extraordinary musical career.


“UNM prepared me with the foundation of knowledge and skills I needed to advance as a musician while deepening my appreciation for the wonderful music being made in my home state.”

Dr. Sharon O’Connell Campbell

Associate Professor of Voice, University of Nebraska Kearney


“The Department of Music at UNM has been invaluable in preparing me for a career in the arts. My musical and academic experiences were second to none, and I found myself more than prepared amongst my peers at the doctoral level. I strongly believe that the opportunities granted to me, and the amazing encouragement and support I received at UNM, are integral parts of who and where I am today.”

Dr. Malena McLaren

Chair, Department of Music/Associate Professor of Clarinet, Northwestern State University of Louisiana


“I have been fortunate to build and sustain a national and international reputation in the clarinet performance field over the past 15 years. My success would never have been possible without the significant, meaningful, and solid foundation UNM and the faculty in the Department of Music supplied to me in my undergraduate years.”

Dr. John Masserini

Associate Dean/Associate Professor of Clarinet, Northern Arizona University


“The UNM music program was the perfect balance of research and practice. I had the flexibility to conduct ensembles, play in the Wind Symphony, assist the Spirit Marching Band, and design and conduct research, all while teaching part-time in the Albuquerque Public Schools. I am proud to be a Lobo and am exceedingly grateful for the mentorship and encouragement I received at UNM. ”

Nathan B. Kruse

Associate Professor of Music Education Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, OH

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