Graduate Certificate in Music Performance

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The University of New Mexico offers a Graduate Certificate in Music Performance

The Graduate Certificate in Music Performance is a specialized, one-year, post-baccalaureate program designed for musicians seeking careers as professional performing musicians. The Graduate Music Performance Certificate is designed to provide students with intensive and focused additional instruction with our expert faculty beyond either the Bachelor’s Degree or the Master’s Degree.  

The Graduate Music Performance Certificate is a 12-credit hour program, which can be completed in two semesters.

Program of Study (12 Hrs.)

Required Courses (8 hrs.)
  • APMS 501 and APMS 502, Studio instruction in the Principal Area of concentration (4)
  • APMS 591, Studio instruction and Graduate Recital (2)
  • MUS 560, Major Ensemble (2)
Free Electives (4 hrs.)

Any graduate academic class in music theory, music history, musicology, additional applied lessons, conducting, chamber music, music repertoire and pedagogy and additional ensembles.  (4 credits) 

Graduate Recital Requirements
No graduate student may enroll for APMS 591 Studio Instruction and Graduate Recital prior to submission of the Program of Studies form to the Office of Graduate Studies

The student must organize a preview performance of the recital program for the approval of his or her appropriate faculty committee not less than two weeks before the proposed recital date.

The Graduate Recital must be recorded by the Department of Music Recording Engineer and a copy of the recital recording must be deposited with the Department of Music. Arrangements for the recording of the Graduate Recital must be made at least two months in advance of the recital date, not including intersession time. Refer to the Department of Music Graduate Student Handbook for further information and requirements.

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