Chamber Ensembles



The UNM Department of Music has a vibrant and exciting chamber music program

This program includes established resident student ensembles like the Abraham Franck String, the UNM Wind Quintet, and the Sandia Brass Quintet. These ensembles give students an outstanding professional experience in an academic environment. The combination of New Music New Mexico and the Early Music Ensemble provide interested students the opportunity to explore both the future and the past of music.

The UNM Percussion Ensemble has a long and important history at UNM and students enrolled in percussion ensemble have performed the works of major composers such as John Cage, Lou Harrison, Henry Cowell and Carlos Chávez. In addition to these ensembles, there are countless other ensembles that interested students can join.

Please see our ensemble auditions information page for specific information on joining one of our chamber ensembles:

Ensemble Auditions

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