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We are united in our commitment to you, the student, as we nurture and train the whole singer, not just the voice

The Vocal Program at the University of New Mexico is one of the most outstanding and dynamic voice programs in the Southwestern United States. We are equally committed to our singers, undergraduate, graduate, music education majors and performance majors alike. Our students, who are frequently recognized for their excellence at local, regional, and national competitions, regularly continue their education at some of the country’s top-ranking music schools and conservatories. Our Alumni have appeared in performances around the world as well as serve on music faculties throughout the country.

The UNM voice faculty is committed to producing outstanding singers and training capable voice teachers. Our faculty teaches diction, pedagogy, opera and vocal repertory, and provides knowledge and insight to the interpretation of vocal music from all time periods.

World Voice Day April 16th, 2021

Dr. Michael Hix discusses GERD
Gastroesophageal reflux disease, also known as “acid reflux” is problematic for many singers. In this video, Dr. Hix provides information and strategies to help singers avoid GERD.

Vocal nodules and hemorrhage:
What are they, evaluation, prevention, and treatment.

Credit: Students of UNM’s Speech & Hearing Science Program

Vocal fry, cool or cruel?

What is it and how our speaking habits impact the voice

Credit: Students of UNM’s Speech & Hearing Science Program

Vocal health
Caring for your instrument

Credit: Students of UNM’s Speech & Hearing Science Program

Straw phonation exercises:

A quick technique to improve your vocal quality

Credit: Students of UNM’s Speech & Hearing Science Program

Stretches & massage
Stretches & massage to support voice use

Credit: Students of UNM’s Speech & Hearing Science Program

Vocal Function Exercises
Flexibility, strength, and coordination exercises for your vocal cords

Credit: Students of UNM’s Speech & Hearing Science Program

Speaking Singing in Masks
Do you have to sing in a mask? If so, you may have noticed changes in your vocal quality and possibly your technique. Paula Corbin Swalin offers tips for awareness, ease, and efficiency.

What is Speech Language Pathology?

Understanding the SLPs role in treating voice problems and services available at the UNM graduate clinic

Credit: Students of UNM’s Speech & Hearing Science Program

Watch: Elisha and The Bears

Elisha and the Bears from Kristin Ditlow on Vimeo.

“UNM prepared me with the foundation of knowledge and skills I needed to advance as a musician while deepening my appreciation for the wonderful music being made in my home state.”
Dr. Sharon O'Connell

Associate Professor of Voice, University of Nebraska Kearney

Watch: Dido and Aeneas

In the Spring of 2021, we were presented with the challenge of producing an opera in the height of the pandemic. It was our mission, as the opera faculty, to make sure that the UNM voice students were provided with the full process of an opera production. One solution was to produce Henry Purcell and Nahum Tate’s Dido and Aeneas as a film production.

This meant that we rehearsed masked, distanced, and outside for most of the rehearsal process. We were able to record in our own Keller Hall for 30 minutes and then exit the hall for a 30 minute “air out.” Although this posed new challenges for the opera program, we rose to the challenge along with our students and came up with this film version. We hope you enjoy!

Drs. Ditlow and Flora

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