Our Program Concentrations


The Musicology program seeks an interdisciplinary approach to the study of music in culture. Students enrolled in this program are expected to intellectually engage in richly contextualized music scholarship and to produce original work

This program welcomes a variety of scholarly projects and pursuits. Common approaches to the study of music in culture include oral history, ethnography, archival research, historiography, music analysis, reception studies, aesthetics and criticism, gender and sexuality studies, discourse analysis, and sound and performance studies.

Given our location, this program is especially interested in musical and expressive practices of Native, Hispano, and Anglo communities in the southwest. Students are encouraged to actively interface with regionally specific departments housed at UNM, including the Latin American and Iberian Institute, American Studies, and Native American Studies.

While the degree is self-standing, the Master of Music with a Concentration in Musicology prepares students for external doctoral programs in Musicology and/or Ethnomusicology. Moreover, this degree provides an optimal foundation for enrollment in UNM doctoral programs, including but not limited to: Art History, American Studies, Anthropology, and Latin American and Iberian Studies.

“UNM prepared me for a successful career by providing an all-around quality education that fostered academic and musical growth in ways that I never thought possible. The extraordinary faculty, impressive ensembles, and overall experience have, and continue to, inspire me to strive for excellence in my own teaching, performance, and scholarship.”

Dr. Karl F. Kolbeck

Assistant Professor of Woodwinds, Wayne State College

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