Theory & Composition

Our Program Concentrations

Theory & Composition at UNM is a vibrant area within the music department boasting a large, diverse faculty that works well together and a remarkable team of unique and talented students

Students work impressively as a community meeting weekly to develop collaborative projects, performances and concerts and to discuss relevant issues and share scholarly work. With a broad array of high-level course offerings in theory, composition and music technology, the BM and MM degrees in Theory-Composition are flexibly constructed to allow students to find the curriculum that’s best suited to their short-term and long-term goals and needs. From the creation of fully theatrical collaborative multi-media shows, to professional conference invitations and publications, to acceptance letters from top-tier doctoral programs, we are extremely proud of what our students accomplish.

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“I was first introduced to the world of professional music theory at UNM. Starting on day one in the program, I gained experience teaching theory at a very high level, I learned about the current trends in our academic discipline as well as its rich history, and I received expert guidance on papers and projects from inception to completion. The mentorship continued even after graduation. The relationships I formed with the faculty led me to conferences and adjunct positions, then directly to one of the top Ph.D. programs in the field, and ultimately to a tenure-track job. I fondly see UNM as the foundational experience in my career.”
Thomas Robinson

Associate Professor of Music Theory, University of Alabama

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