Undergraduate Auditions & Scholarships


All students interested in participating in the music program must take a performance audition regardless of intended major. These auditions take place at the beginning of the spring semester for the following fall. Our audition process is also used to determine which students will receive music scholarships.

Music Performance Scholarships

Music Performance Scholarships are awarded to entering freshmen who demonstrate outstanding talent via audition. Auditions are held annually on campus in February, and throughout the year by special appointment. They are awarded without consideration of financial need and are renewable for up to four years.

For more information contact Michael Hix >

Band Grant Scholarships

Band Grant Scholarships are renewable scholarships awarded to students who participate in various bands. Students are selected for Band Grant Scholarships by audition, without consideration of academic major or financial need. The “Spirit” Marching Band Scholarship is available to every student who participates in the marching band in the fall semester. Soundpack Scholarships are given as per-game stipends to members who are selected by audition.

For more information contact Michelle Morrison >


Scholarships for Music Education Majors

The Department of Music is happy to be able to provide additional scholarship assistance to outstanding undergraduate students pursuing the Bachelor of Music Education degree at UNM. Awards range from $500-$800 per year and are guaranteed renewable for nine semesters for students making satisfactory progress through the Bachelor of Music Education degree program.

For more information contact Olivia Tucker or George Nicholson

Jazz Scholarships

String students who are interested in participating in the Jazz Studies program at UNM are eligible for additional scholarships. These scholarships are awarded based on the merit of their audition.

For more information contact Glenn Kostur >

General University Scholarships

These include the UNM Bridge Scholarship, which pays for in-state tuition for the fall semester, the New Mexico Lottery Scholarship, Regent’s Scholarships, Presidential Scholarships, New Mexico Scholars Program, National Merit Awards, and Amigo Scholarships for transfer and out-of-state students.


University Scholarships

Audition Dates

February 17, 2020

UNM Center for the Arts

February 22, 2020

UNM Center for the Arts

Schedule an Audition

To schedule an audition or for more information please contact:

Michelle Morrison

Specific Audition Repertoire Information

More detailed audition information for our individual programs and scholarships can be found here:

learn more >

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