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On January 11th, 2018, both Susan Kempter and Laurie Lopez were recognized by the New Mexico chapter of the American String Teachers Association. Susan was awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award for her accomplishments in the local, national, and international string community, and Laurie was award the Hats Off! award for her administrative work in the UNM string Lab School.

Brava, ladies!

Heterophony: Texture, Technique, and Social Commentary

This lecture is in two parts: the first draws from my research on the 1960s jazz avant-garde and musicians’ interests in heterophonic musical textures. For the second part, I perform original music that utilizes heterophony and “noise” in a solo electronic and improvised format.

The Gay West: From Drug Store Cowboys to Rodeo Queens

The masculine ideal represented by the American cowboy is variously interpreted by spectators, dancers, musicians, and contestants at gay rodeos and country western dances across the U.S. Examining embodied gender practices within these communities, this talk articulates the sonic, social, and geographical spaces of the gay American West.

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