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April 19, 2017
8:30 pm
Keller Hall

Rodrigo Sigal / Vida Lunar
Gonzalo Macías, / Rompiendo el aire quieto
Carlos López Charles / Susurro del Ensueño
José Luis Hurtado / The Untitled 4
Javier Álvarez / I. Le Repas du Serpent II. Retour a la raison
Jean Angelus Pichardo / Aún es tiempo de las mariposas

Brazilian cellist Iracema de Andrade is strongly committed to the music of our time. Her repertory includes pieces for solo cello, cello and
electronics, as well as multimedia and improvisation. She is constantly touring Latin America and recording works that were written specially for her. De Andrade holds degrees from the University of Sao Paulo, the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the London College of Music.



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Hearing Heat: An Anthropocene Acoustemology

Bruno Latour argues that even if poisoned, the anthropocene is a deep gift to human research, inciting new approaches to environmental responsibility. Taking up Latour’s challenge through acoustemology, the study of sound as a way of knowing, this talk engages histories of hearing heat that affectively entangle cicadas and humans in Papua New Guinea, Japan, and Greece.

Music from the Americas presents Ensemble Vertebrae

Music from the Americas presents “New Music from Mexico,” featuring world premieres by Juan José Bárcenas, David Hernández-Ramos, José-Luis Hurtado, Victor Ibarra and Rodrigo Valdez-Hermoso. Works will be performed by the Ensemble Vertebrae featuring Oliva Abreu, flute, Ana Paolina Hasslacher, piano and Camille Emaille, percussion.

The Enchantment Brass releases first album!

The Enchantment Brass, the brass ensemble-in-residence at the University of New Mexico, has released their debut recording, A Brass Menagerie: The Music of John Cheetham, on all digital formats.

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