Bloomington, IN: The Amity Trio is releasing their debut album, “Between Us Now”. The album features North American composers Amy Beach, Dr. Lauren Bernofsky, Dr. Alice Jones, Dr. Carrie Magin, Florence Price, and Nur Slim. The album will be released to the public on April 2, 2022, and will be available on Apple Music and the trio’s website:

“It’s been an honor and a privilege to work on this project, especially getting to work with these remarkable composers!” says Katie Dukes, co-founder of the trio. “It has been a monumental project for the trio, and we are grateful to get to share this music and art
with the wider public.”

Composer, pedagogue, and musicologist Dr. Alice Jones reflects on the album: “Once you get to know them, it becomes clear that Amity Trio’s debut album couldn’t be about anything other than love. As individuals and as an ensemble, they express love through everything they do. Their love of life, of food, of music, of teaching, of community, and of each other are infectious and candid, and this album is a testament to the way they move through the world. The album is a theme and variations on the notion of love itself, turning the idea of love over and seeing it from all its angles, in all its guises—romantic love, familial love, false love, self-love, and love of one’s culture. As a whole, the works they’ve selected invite us to consider how deep love goes, how we can find love in all facets of our lives, and how profound it is to be able to profess love.”

Amity Trio, which consists of Katie Dukes (soprano), Michael Walker (horn), and Kimberly Carballo (piano), was founded in 2018 to promote music by living composers through performing and teaching around the globe. Amity Trio’s mission is to contribute a more equitable distribution of artistic voices on a global scale by performing music by underrepresented composers, for a variety of audience interests, locations, and socioeconomic strata. To accomplish this mission, Amity Trio offers creative programming in traditional and nontraditional venues, seeks out meaningful interdisciplinary collaborations, pursues deeper cultural understanding, and is a catalyst in the musical dissemination cycle of commissions, performances, recordings, community engagement, and education.

The trio often collaborates with composers to create new music that they share with audiences through their concerts and performances in traditional and non-traditional venues.

To celebrate the release of “Between Us Now,” Amity Trio will be hosting an Album Release Party on April 2, 2022, 5-7 pm at Switchyard Brewery in Bloomington, IN.

Contact Amity Trio at

“Between Us Now”
original album artwork
by Wyatt Pottorff

Katie Dukes, Kimberly Carballo, and Michael Walker

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