Undergraduate Placement Exam

Theory and Aural Skills Tests

The diagnostic exam for MUS 150 Music Theory I and MUS 150L Music Theory I Aural Lab should be taken online before enrolling in classes for the fall semester (preferably during May).

The intent of the test is to assess whether your current knowledge in the area will enable you to do well in these classes. Your score on it determines whether you should take Theory I (MUS 150/150L), or whether you should take Music Fundamentals (MUS 130). MUS 150/150L is offered during the fall semester, and MUS 130 is offered as an online class during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Note that MUS 130 does not count toward the requirements for a major in music, but may nevertheless be of great benefit to your overall progress in the theory courses that are required for your degree.

The following topics are on the diagnostic exam:

  • Note reading
  • Key signatures
  • Intervals
  • Triads in root position
  • Triads in various positions
  • Melodic direction

If you will be enrolling in MUS 150/150L in the fall semester and are concerned about the level of your theory or aural skills, please consider taking MUS 130 ONLINE during the previous summer session. Consult the Schedule of Classes for details. Please do not hesitate to seek advice from your instructor(s) early in the semester if you discover that the material is proving to be too difficult or the pace of the class is too fast for you. Tutoring in theory is also available through the CAPS program (Center for Academic Program Support). You must be making progress through the theory program in order to continue as a music major, so we want you to do well in this very important area of the field of music!

Begin the Freshman Theory Diagnostic Exam

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