The UNM Center for the Arts is home to several of the nation's finest performance and teaching facilities. Dedicated in 1964 as the University of New Mexico Fine Arts Center, the facility was renamed following an extensive renovation project in 1996.


KELLER HALL (right), the recital home of the Department of Music, seats 284, and includes orchestra pit, green room, conjunct recording facilities, and a 1967 Holtkamp organ (2,741 pipes, 3 keyboards, and 51 ranks, the largest organ in the state of New Mexico).  It is the venue for over 170 faculty, guest artist, ensemble and student recitals each year. Keller Hall was originally known as the Fine Arts Recital Hall, but was renamed in April, 1971, for the late Dr. Walter Keller, former music faculty member and head of the piano area.

POPEJOY HALL, a 1,985-seat concert hall, is designed and acoustically equipped to accommodate virtually every type of live performance, from Broadway touring shows to symphony concerts, musical soloists, ballet and modern dance performances, films, lectures, convocations and major programs presented by the Department of Music.  The facility hosts performances by various professional touring companies, the New Mexico All-State Festival, and for a number of UNM ensembles, including the UNM Wind Symphony, Symphony Orchestra, Opera Theatre and Jazz Festival.  Named for Tom Popejoy, president of the university from 1948 to 1968, the hall underwent a major renovation in 1996 and is the largest venue of its kind in the state of New Mexico.

  Keller Hall


Keller Hall is located in the Center for the Arts (no. 62 on the UNM Campus Map). For ticket information, call 505-277-4569. Phone 277-2131 for the Keller Hall manager or for information on renting the hall.

Popejoy Hall (no. 72 on the map) is in the same facility and shares its lobby with Keller Hall. For ticket information, call 505-277-4569. For administrative offices, call 505-277-3824.


The Fine Arts and Design Library is located in George Pearl Hall, conveniently close to the Center for the Arts. It contains the library materials for Art, Music, Theatre and Dance, and Architecture. The music collection comprises approximately 20,500 books on music, 55,000 music scores (including collected editions), 850 microfilm reels, 23,000 sound recordings, and 600 videotapes.

Music Facilities

  • multipurpose classrooms
  • 2 large state-of-the-art rehearsal halls, including the Kurt Frederick Rehearsal Hall, dedicated in 2001.
  • 40 student practice rooms
  • a quad-sound music lab
  • a Music Computer Lab
  • faculty studios and offices
  • department facility total: 64,850 square feet

other facilities

UNM offers several courses in Recording Technology, providing students with an introduction to modern studio recording techniques. Courses are held off-campus at Santa Fe Sound Studios.


The Department of Music has 95 pianos, including 34 grands and 61 uprights, whose average age is under 30 years old. Performance pianos include two Steinway model D concert grands (1981 and 2001). Faculty studios and classrooms are currently equipped with Steinway (M, B, D), Yamaha (G-2), Baldwin (L) and Kawai (RX-2, RX-1, GE-20) grands, and with Yamaha (U-1, P-22), Petrof (115, 131), Baldwin (6000) and Kawai (UST-8) uprights. Practice room pianos include Steinway (M, O), Yamaha (G-2, C-2), and Mason & Hamlin (BB) grands, and Baldwin (243, 6000), Kawai (UST-8, K-2, K-3), Yamaha (U-1, P-22), Petrof (115, 121, 129) uprights.

In spring, 2004, the Department of Music instituted a course fee dedicated to the purchase and maintenance of pianos. Since that time, new pianos have been purchased each year to renew the inventory, along with rebuilding and other major maintenance.


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