I Just Lightning

The Music of Libby Larsen

Las Cantantes
The University of New Mexico Women’s Chorus
Brad Ellingboe, conductor

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From the Liner Notes:

Las Cantantes:
Las Cantantes strives to do something that is, if not unique, then very rare among women’s choirs. That is, we work to make an appropriate sound for each piece, based on the text and the accompaniment. Thus, there is no “Las Cantantes sound,” per se. Rather, each piece is meant to shine from its own inner light. We strive to create a unity of sound, but not necessarily a blended sound. Thus, the requirements placed on the women of the choir are, essentially, professional. Membership requires a keen sense of tuning, the ability to conceive of—and then execute—long phrases, an awareness of the other women in the group, and of the room in which we sing, and the moment-by-moment response of the audience. All these skills, as well as countless others, are cultivated in order to bring the music alive. If we have succeeded in that—in “painting pictures in the air”—then we are satisfied.
—Bradley Ellingboe, conductor

I Just Lightning:
This is a recording of music for women’s chorus in storytelling form. During the first minute of this CD you will undoubtedly notice a mix of choral and non-choral voices. Brad Ellingboe, the women of Las Cantantes, and I decided that we wanted to find the dramatic storytelling power in the music and create a CD that is more than the sum of its parts: music, musicians, people and words. Every selection on the CD is a storyl and every story is meant to connect to our lives through the combination of the sung, written and spoken word. For instance, “I Just Lightning” mixes the chorus with the chanting voice of Mazatec Shaman Maria Sabina in order to bring time, culture, and distance together as she performs the Mushroom Ceremony of the Mazatec Indians of Mexico. “The Witches Trio” is an audio playlet for CD or radio which incorporates non-choral vocal sounds including hooting, jeckling, and cackling and technological treatment of the voice. We’ve included readings of “If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking” and “Stepping Westward.” There is a collected “how we met” story followed by a short and to-the-point love song, “Hey You.” We hope we have made a disc that is as engrossing in its storytelling content as it is electrifying in its music making.
—Libby Larsen, composer

Track List:

01) I Just Lightning [6:17]
02) A “how we met” story [1:22]
03) Hey You (Jack’s Valentine) [1:20]
04) Canticle of the Sun [11:39]
05) Today This Spring [1:42]
06) She Piped for Us [2:15]
07) Reading of poem, “If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking” [0:14]
08) If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking [2:46]
09) Witches Trio [4:12]
10) Stepping Westward [7:36]
11) Refuge [5:06]
12) Canticle of Mary [8:30]
13) Touch the Air Softly [3:16]

Total Program Length: 56:15

Recording Information:

Accompanist: Louise Bass
Assistant Conductors: Jennaya Robison and Jennifer Robinson
Recording Engineer: Manny Rettinger
Post Production Engineer: Russell Borud
Associate Producer: Leslie Crane
Photography and Graphic Design (CD): Kyle Zimmerman

© 2002 Las Cantantes Record


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