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Kristina M. Jacobsen

Kristina M. Jacobsen-Bia
Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Duke University



Hokona/Zuni Hall Room 307


Kristina Jacobsen-Bia holds a PhD in Cultural Anthropology from Duke University, where she wrote a dissertation titled, “Navajo Voices: Country Music and the Politics of Language and Belonging.” She also holds the MPhil in Ethnomusicology from Columbia University, a Master’s in Ethnomusicology from Arizona State University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Music (flute performance) and History (concentration: Native North America).

Based on 2 ½ years of singing and playing with Navajo county western bands, her forthcoming book, Indians and Cowboys (currently under review), examines ideas of authenticity and Navajo identity as they circulate in and through live performances of classic country music on today’s Navajo (Diné) Nation (for a brief interview about her research, visit: http://vimeo.com/36693503). Her research interests include: music and language, anthropology of the voice, politics of authenticity, indigeneity and belonging, music of Native North America and the Appalachian mountains, race and musical genre, music as cultural performance, indigenous language revitalization and American working class expressive culture. Recent articles include “Radmilla’s Voice: Music Genre, Blood Quantum and Belonging on the Navajo Nation” (Cultural Anthropology, 2014) and “Rita(hhh): Placemaking and Country Music on the Navajo Nation” (Ethnomusicology, 2009).

Kristina has taught courses in linguistic anthropology, Native American Studies, ethnomusicology and cultural anthropology at Duke University, Diné College and Northern Arizona University (to learn more about her teaching please visit:
( http://www.kristina-jacobsen.com/). Kristina is also an active singer, songwriter and instrumentalist. To learn more about her music, visit: kristinabia.net

Courses Taught:
Anthropology of Music and Sound
Country Music and Cultural Politics
Global Indigenous Media
Navajo Expressive Culture
Music in Culture
Classic and Romantic Music
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
Anthropology of Native North America
Culture and Politics in Native America

Radmilla's Voice:  Music Genre, Blood Quantum, and Belonging on the Navajo Nation  
Rita(hhh):  Placemaking and Country Music on the Navajo Nation

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