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Music education courses at UNM are also taught by many of our highly qualified academic and artist faculty.

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pursue a degree in music education at unm:

Are you considering music teaching as a career? Enroll in the music education curriculum at UNM and realize your full potential as a music teacher. We offer:

  • Faculty expertise in diverse content areas: band, choral, orchestra, jazz, elementary general music, Kodály, Orff, Music Learning Theory, conducting, world music, music technology, improvisation, vernacular music, aural skill development, and more!
  • A comprehensive curriculum in music education that provides a strong practical, theoretical, and philosophical foundation.
  • Full access to the benefits of working with New Mexico’s largest music faculty: First-rate student ensembles, thorough training in music fundamentals, and outstanding instruction in applied music.
  • Many early field teaching experiences:

    • As part of their regular course requirements, all music education majors teach real, live students in a variety of school settings.
    • Paid internships with the UNM Children’s Chorus.
    • “Podium time” with selected university performing ensembles.
    • Many of our students independently arrange paid or volunteer teaching opportunities for themselves in area schools.
    • An active and supportive National Association for Music Education (NAfME) student chapter.
  • The advantages of living and going to school in a vibrant metropolitan area: Big-name concerts and entertainment, amateur and professional performance opportunities, varied cultural events.

Undergraduate Curriculum

The Bachelor of Music Education degree leads to Level 1 licensure in New Mexico, which allows one to teach any music class at any level of elementary or secondary instruction. Where two or more music educators are employed by a single school district, however, a division of responsibilities between instrumental music and vocal music commonly exists. The Department of Music, therefore, offers two planned programs in music education: an Instrumental Concentration and a Vocal Concentration.

Graduate Curriculum

The Master of Music Concentration in Music Education is available either with thesis or with project.

Music Education Scholarships

Financial assistance is provided to undergraduate students pursuing the Bachelor of Music Education degree at UNM.  These awards are available to incoming freshmen or transfer students.  Awards range from $500-$800 per year and are guaranteed renewable for nine semesters for students making satisfactory progress through the Bachelor of Music Education degree program.

For details about applying, click HERE.


For more information contact:

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