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Musicology Colloquium Series

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Thursday February 7, 2:00-3:30pm


Latin American and Iberian Institute (LAII) Conference Room

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Rooted in concepts of affect and Empire, this paper argues that jazz operated in various 20th century Latin American settings as a vital touchstone bearing the risks and benefits of urban modernization, hemispheric geopolitics, and transnational cultural production, “cruelly” echoing the United States’ cultural, political, and economic dominance in the hemisphere and beyond.


Jason Borge is an Associate Professor of Latin American Culture at the University of Texas at Austin, where he teaches courses on Latin American and Hemispheric popular culture, music, film, and literature. He has published widely on such topics as vernacular music and sound studies, Hollywood in Latin America, popular vanguardism, and the intra-hemispheric dimensions of literature and film. His latest book is Tropical Riffs: Latin America and the Politics of Jazz (Duke University Press, 2018).

Caption for book cover: Tropical Riffs: Latin America and the Politics of Jazz (Duke, 2018)

  Sponsored by The University of New Mexico Department of Music, The Department of Spanish & Portuguese, and The Latin American and Iberian Institute



Music from the Americas presents Versus 8

Percussion music in the Americas is one of the most exotic, visually attractive, and antique forms of expression since pre-hispanic times. Preserving, promoting and creating music for the percussion family of instruments is at the core of Versus 8’s mission through international collaboration with composers, performers, students, and cultural centers that contribute with their resources to the cycle of music, namely: creation, performance, and listening..

A Day in the Life of the Bosavi People

A 90 minute, 4K, 7.1 surround sound eco-rockumentary concert of a day in the life of the Bosavi people and their rainforest home in Papua New Guinea, directed and produced by Steven Feld and based on recordings and images from 1976-2018.


A Collaborative program featuring both student and faulty from the departments of Music and Theatre & Dance.

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